2017-10-07 – letter from parent of Ebetsu exchange student.

Dear GESCA President Ron Ture,

My name is Makiko Numata.  This is my first time to write to you.  I am very happy that you came to Ebetsu City.

My daughter Noa visited Gresham City as an exchange student in January 2015.  I still appreciate for very kindness and hospitality the Staff members and host family (Fitzgeralds) gave to my daughter.

I also visited Gresham City when the Japanese garden open ceremony held in August 2015 was held.  I was much pleased with your warm-hearted hospitality in Gresham City.  Gresham City is a very wonderful city and I realized that the children of Ebetsu City who had a home stay there experienced a good experience.  Through this exchange program, I think that children feel about the importance of regional development as well as international sense.

Our family accepted children Gresham City in 2014.  What I noticed at this time was that this exchange program was exactly to nurture children in Gresham and Ebetsu.  This exchange program is a really good program and I thank you as a parent.  Please take care of yourself.