2019-02-11 message from Kathy Raymond

We want to thank you for the wonderful opportunity of being able to participate in the Ebetsu Student Exchange program. You did a great job in matching the students up with the host families. We told Rin she was welcome back any time. I know she and Rebecca have been conversing daily and I hope they keep in touch.
p>2016-02-04 message from Cindy George

Thank you so much for choosing us to host Miyabi. It was a wonderful experience. I wanted to give some feedback. First, I think the gathering of all the host families was fabulous. We became a good resource for each other.  All of us had schedule issues and it was so helpful to be able to pass the girls off to one another. It kept them safe and I think it helped broaden their experiences. Us Moms stayed on a constant group text which kept us all in the loop. I would so encourage this activity for future families. Second, all of you were great in taking the girls all over when our girls had finals, and we were working. It would have been ideal for our kids to not be so bombarded with homework and studying while they were here, but that is an issue out of all control, unless we get the board of education to accommodate us. I know that Miyabi came home from going with you very animated and excited. One more little recommendation for future hosts, down load google translate!! It was a god send the first few days. Miyabi was so tired and unsure of herself that communication was difficult. When I down loaded that, it was oh so much better and by the end of her stay we didn’t need it.

Again, thank you. We will always treasure this adventure,