During my stay in Ebetsu, my host sister, Koha, and our friends took me to another school festival. They really wanted to go into the haunted house that one class had made. I am not a person who enjoys haunted houses, but decided to give it a try. We went in groups of two and I was with Koha. When we got to the first turn, she was scared that there was something around the corner and as she peaked around, she freaked out. She was more frightened than I was! I started to laugh because of her reaction. As we went on, Koha’s reactions to the haunted house made me laugh more and more to the point where I was struggling to breathe and cry. When we saw the exit, Koha bolted, leaving me to trail behind, continuing in my fit of laughter. Our friends were so confused as she was scared and I was laughing. It was one of my favorite moments of my whole trip that gave all of us a good laugh at the end of everything.