December 22nd, 2017

Dear President Ron Ture,

I hope this letter finds you and the people of Gresham well and in good health.  Snow has gathered on the nanakamado in Ebetsu, bringing us to the heart of the winter season.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting us to take part in the Gresham-Ebetsu Sister City 40th Anniversary celebrations, together etching out a path for our future.  In addition, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you and the citizens of Gresham for taking time out of your busy schedules to welcome us with such warm hospitality.  Thanks to everyone who helped out, our schedule moved along very smoothly, and we enjoyed an extremely successful Visit.

I especially am deeply impressed by Tsuru Island, the amount of effort put in by volunteers, the history behind its revitalization, and the place it holds for Gresham citizens.  I and the entire Ebetsu Delegation were further moved by the tree planting at and establishing of Ebetsu Plaza.

I was elated to have the opportunity to participate in the 40th Anniversary Celebration with and meet once again former Mayor Charles Becker and the various community members who have contributed to our Sister City relations.

I further believe we were able to deepen mutual understanding through meeting face to face, taking time to discuss various topics, becoming aware of the situation in each of our cities, and discussing plans for future exchanges between us.  With the advancement of new technology and the conveniences of the modern world, communication has brought us closer together, but I believe only through face-to-face  interaction can real communication occur.

I would once again like to thank you and the people of Gresham for everything you provided for us during our trip, and I pray for continued prosperity and happiness for you and the residents of Gresham.


Noboru Miyoshi

City of Ebetsu Mayor