an interesting culture contributing to the unique features 
of Japanese culture

Originating from the 1880s

The art of folding paper called Origami dates back to the 1880s. Before the Japanese used the word Orikata. Origami is derived from the two words Ori (折 り) which is folded and Kami () which is paper.

Origami combines simple folding ways to turn rectangular pieces of paper (2-dimensional) into complex (3-dimensional) shapes, without cutting and pasting during the folding process.

Origami products are many, from simple to complex, depending on the creativity of the Origami player

The Legends

The most famous product when it comes to Origami is the paper crane, a symbol of peace.

Legend has it that anyone who folds 1,000 paper cranes can turn their wishes into reality. Paper cranes are also a symbol of luck. Sometimes the Japanese even use paper cranes to give to their friends, which implies good luck.

Origami In Our Area

Origami may seem like just a game, but it also helps you practice perseverance as well as geometric thinking ability. Therefore, if you like, you should start to do it and can share with us your interesting creations.

In addition, if you are an Oregonian, you could take a moment to learn about the Origami community via the website OrigamiUSA and Portland Oregon Paper Shapers on Facebook.

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