Three exchange students to Ebetsu

Cassie, Tanith and Yasmin are about to depart for a one-month exchange visit to Ebetsu, our sister city.  They will be living with host families and attending two different high schools.  Look for updates and news clips in the coming month!

March 3rd is Hina-Matsuri festival in Japan

There are many traditional, cultural events held on certain days in Japan. The third of March is a day for girls, called “hina matsuri.” It is a day families wish daughters happiness, good growth, and health. Traditionally, families with daughters display speciiial dolls called “o-hina-sama” a couple of weeks before the day and put them away several days after the day. O-hina-sama dolls are for display only, not to play with.

Flooding affects the Japanese Garden at Main City Park

Monday, December 6, 2015 turned out to be an alarming day for residents all over the Portland area. The Japanese Garden which sits on Tsuru Island (literally an island) on Johnson Creek was flooded. When the GESCA crew were able to take a closer look at the garden and...