Over the last couple of years we have had many questions about the plant materials in the garden. Gresham Japanese garden is a Japanese style garden and not a Botanical garden where plants are usually identified. The plant material is not all that unusual to the Pacific Northwest or even Japan for that matter.

Over the last 5 years we have worked with all of the plants that were already on the island and planted by Kaz and the original volunteers. We have heard that some may have come from Japan and other may have come from local sources.

In order to accommodate this situation a committee was formed which includes Sue Hughes, our web developer, Bill Peterson and Jim Card. Each plant in the garden has its own story about where it came from, why it was chosen and placed in that particular spot. Two or more plants will be featured. Bill has taken pictures which include a broad view, a close up, and placed it on a digital index card. A description, including the botanical name, the common name and the story of the plant is included, with the date, time and the position that the camera was held. You can find these garden cards below, sorted by date.

They will also be kept in a note book to be presented for onsite use. A digital record of the original plants is kept along with the changes in the next years. This record will tell us about the plant growth, how it was pruned, was it moved to a new location, how it is affected by other plants and its progress.


Garden Cards in PDF format: